Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hypocrisy, Tom Green style

[Edit (added on January 18, 2013): The commenter below brought it to my attention that Green's lawyers are again trying to scare people into removing all evidence of his childish episode with Dupree. This will always prove to be a case of a dog chasing his unwanted tail, because I've posted a new blog entry that includes two new working links at Tom Green's relentless shame.]

You can't stop truth from being revealed. You can try to hide it, you can deny it, you can delay it, you can attempt to erase it from history... but in the end, the truth will always surface. And resurface. And resurface again.

Back in 2003, on "The New Tom Green Show," Jesse James Dupree appeared as a guest, complete with his signature chainsaw. This is what the Wikipedia page for Green has to say about the fiasco:

A notable incident included Jesse James Dupree, the frontman of the Southern rock band Jackyl, when he made the ill-advised decision to take a chainsaw to Green's new desk on the show. The unplanned stunt clearly irritated Green and he made no attempt to hide his displeasure. He eventually began his planned musical performance (himself on drums and Dupree on guitar) but continued to verbally spar with Dupree for a short period before abandoning the drums mid-song in apparent disgust and walking off stage. Later on in the evening, he again insulted the band by holding up Jackyl's most recent album and advising viewers to "check it out if you like music that was cool fifteen years ago" and then proceeded to smash it with a hammer.

As mostly accurate as that summation is (I witnessed the video segment myself), it really doesn't fully convey the excessive amount of sarcastic venom that Green vomited toward Dupree. You need to actually see the video for yourself to understand how unreasonably far Green went with his anger. Interestingly, after the recorded incident started appearing around the Internet in blogs with high readership, the users who had posted the video in the first place suddenly decided to pull their own postings. I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have done this without some 'urging' from the copyright police, thanks to an affiliate of the Green camp.

But guess what?

Thanks to the digital age and the Internet, whatever gets recorded stays around forever. Witness for yourself the spectacle of Green behaving like a petulant child:

Okay, so here's a few things to keep in mind, just in case this sounds like an attempt to defend the antics of Dupree. Yes, it's true, for all Dupree knew, that desk could have been a family heirloom handed down from Green's great-great-grandfather (it wasn't). Yes, it's true, anyone would be irritated if his or her custom-made desk was ruined without prior consent. Yes, it's true, Jesse James Dupree will not be publishing any papers on String Theory anytime soon.

But do all these things truly excuse Tom Green in particular, for behaving so exceedingly unprofessional toward someone who is, in all honesty, just another attention-seeking entertainer?

The hypocrisy in this incident lies in Tom Green's well known historical penchant for attempting to upset and embarrass unsuspecting people, including his own parents. That's actually how Green gained notoriety in the first place. Green's prior gimmicks sometimes included the defacement or mistreatment of possessions owned by others.

There was another episode where Tom Green has some very uncomfortable moments with Andrew Dice Clay. In this segment, we are allowed to see just how craven Green is:

Despite the fact that anyone would be unsettled by Clay's shtick in this kind of situation, where is Green's vituperative here? Answer: nowhere to be found. And why didn't he treat Clay the same way he treated Dupree?

My guess is simply that Green was physically afraid of Clay. The hard-drinking Dupree could probably take Green in a fight as well, if I wanted to make violence a relevant factor in all this, but that's beside the point. I think Green wasn't afraid to make a mockery of Dupree because despite his crazed antics, Dupree was just trying to have fun and make the best of the situation throughout all of Green's harsh jabs.

Green may have perceived that Dupree wasn't going to win a Fields Medal, and thought that gave him unlimited license to be excessively rude. In the end, Dupree, just by trying to ignore Green's childishness and maintain a professional stance, fared far better. Tom Green, on the other hand, exposed himself forever as the person he truly is.

And thanks to the digital age, forever means forever, not just until lawyers send letters of warning.


  1. John "Ratty" ArbuckleNovember 3, 2012 at 9:49 PM

    You're nuts. If that Dupree clown would have ruined my desk, I'd shove that guitar/chainsaw thingie up his pooper. As for Dice Clay...yeah he's a bit unstable, don't blame Green for being cautious around him. Dupree is just an idiot.

  2. The video has been pulled already,by the way.

    1. It doesn't matter if Tom keeps trying to stamp it out, because it is digital, it will remain "out there," and interested parties will always be able to find it. As I mentioned in the essay, the first time I found it, shortly thereafter Green's lawyer ran around trying to get rid of it.

      Unfortunately for Green, that little piece of embarrassment will follow him until the day he dies, whether he likes it or not. After all the grief he's caused others in alleged attempts at laughs, it's only fitting that this baggage remain with him forever.

    2. Great article, I completely agree. The man literally put live farm animals in his parents house and let them piss and shit all over the floor, eating the furniture, carpet and curtains.

      This moment is still doing the rounds (such as here and is a great example of dishing it out but being unable to take it.

  3. Dupree could shove "ratty" up Tom Greens ass. Both are obviously northern pussies.

  4. Tom Green is a fag