Friday, January 18, 2013

Tom Green's relentless shame

[Edit (added on December 12, 2018): Yet again Green has tried to erase all traces of his childish mean streak with Jesse James Dupree. I've posted a new blog entry that includes two new working links at Tom Green just doesn't get it.]

Someone commented on an essay from last year, to let me know that the videos I had links to were removed. It seems that once again, Tom Green is attempting to eliminate all evidence of his rotten behavior, just like he did years ago, when the video with Jesse James Dupree first surfaced on the Internet.

Here's the original essay, posted on January 11, 2012. You'll need to read it to understand why access to these videos is worth the effort:

Hypocrisy, Tom Green style

As I stated in my reply to "Anonymous's" comment, because the incident was digitized, it will always be out there. Thus, in this update to that previous blog post, I hereby provide two new links that are currently working.

In addition to providing new, working links, I have also recorded the videos for posterity. I encourage everyone else to record them with FlashGot or DownloadHelper, plugins you can install in Firefox. I'm not sure if they are available for Internet Explorer, but that's irrelevant if you're interested in using a superior browser.

Here are the new links:

Tom Green behaves like a petulant child toward Jesse James Dupree

Andrew Dice Clay makes Tom Green nervous

The video with Andrew Dice Clay is actually on Green's YouTube channel, because they are now good friends, but the video linked here was the first time they met. At one point, Green was actually a little frightened. Spare yourself the bulk of the meandering vulgarity, and just watch from 2:34 to 4:00.

And there you have it, until Green's legal machine does another toothless sweep.