Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The real delusion

Some angry anti-theists insist that a belief in God is a delusion. I've heard that same belief in God referred to as a "mind virus." A virus that infects and destroys one's ability to reason.

Let's say there's a local health club that guarantees results if you do the program as it is laid out. Then let's say you know of a few members who aren't getting results at all, but you also know for a fact that they're not working out regularly or watching their diet. You also know there are members who have successfully achieved their goals.

My question is: Despite the successful members, since you know of members who have not maintained their programs and have failed to achieve their goals, would you then conclude that the health club itself is a scam?

A silly question, right? Who would blame the health club for any members not doing their part?

But that is exactly what angry anti-theists do.

Everyone is pretty much familiar with the characterization of church-goers, 'religious' people, Christians, et al, as hypocrites. In the above analogy, the hypocrites would be the health club members who don't follow the program of the health club.

But how is it that anti-theists can't see the incorrect reasoning of blaming the church for imperfect believers?

Another way to look at the same issue is to be more honest about the historical results of religion in the world.

I've heard the arguments, ad infinitum, regarding atrocities committed in the name of religion. However, it is an inconvenient fact that the atrocities committed by human beings apart from religion have been exceedingly more heinous and numerous.

It's as though the myriad selfless acts that have occurred through the centuries, by both the famous and the unknown, motivated by a belief that God actually cares, are somehow erased by the actions of a corrupted few in the past and present.

It becomes clear, upon dispassionate scrutiny, that those who insist religion poisons everything are merely maintaining a stubborn grip on an idea that is easily demonstrable as false.

It has been pointed out by some impressive intellects such as David Berlinski, John Lennox and others, that the grand vision of secular humanism is guilty of theft. Its tenets are stolen directly from Christian principles.

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