Saturday, August 27, 2016

The statistical difficulty of atheism

You're in a room. There are 100 people in it, including you. A math problem is presented to everyone in the room. Everyone is given whatever materials they need to work out the answer (no cheating allowed).

When everyone is done working on the problem, you find that 87 people were able to establish the correct answer, and 13 were not, no matter how hard they tried.

You are one of the 13, so you are disappointed and a bit irritated that you can't arrive at the answer.

So, what do you do? Do you:

1) Try harder to find the answer?

2) Befriend the 87 people and see if they can help you get the answer?

3) Give up and say the problem was useless and stupid to begin with?

4) Proclaim that the 87 people are simply lying, and did not arrive at the answer?

5) Start attacking the 87 people because that makes you feel better than admitting you just don't understand the problem?

I think you know which group you're in. If any of you are pretending that 87% of the entire world are merely deluded... well, any reasonable person would know better.


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