Sunday, September 9, 2018

Mother! by Aronofsky: a twisted re-telling of the Bible

I noticed that Mother! was available on Amazon Prime and decided my curiosity was greater than my experience. By that, I mean I still watched it despite being very disappointed regarding Aronofsky's previous movie "Noah." Noah was wrecked by Aronofsky's strange decision to throw a bunch of odd non-Biblical details in the story, which made the movie pointless to watch (and so I didn't). Religion is one of those subjects that, if you decide to artistically interpret it, you'd best stay faithful to the genuine gist or you will repel the audience you sought to attract.

With Mother!, I can't criticize Aronofsky for wanting to metaphorically reproduce the story of creation as outlined in the Bible. It's interesting how most reviewers spun art house interpretations of the movie, completely missing the mark in what it was really about. I suppose this is not all that surprising, considering the lack of actual knowledge about the Bible in 21st century America.

All the players were there: God, Mother Earth (which is NOT a part of the Bible, by the way - that's Aronofsky pushing his misanthropic agenda), Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, creation of the Bible, the Garden of Eden, the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve... and all the fallen denizens of the earth in their evil ignominy.

This could have been a brilliant, abridged interpretation of Genesis to Revelation, but instead, it became a platform for Aronofsky to shame modern civilization regarding its alleged destruction of our planet. What a waste.

It also takes the Christian gospel and twists it into a bizarre suggestion that God is a dullard who is oblivious to obviation and whimsically facilitates the sins of Man to run rampant, as though God's sole concern is that everybody gives Him high-fives while the world burns around them. The inspiring, true-life love story between God and Mankind is completely absent, as the mythical Gaia is the bride in this film, and Man is nothing more than an incorrigibly destructive party crasher. Christ never reaches anyone's mind, heart or soul in this movie, but is instead a helpless infant prop that provides a disgusting and disturbing version of the heartbreaking and humbling reality of what Jesus actually did for us on the cross.

Collectively, we human beings know only the tiniest fraction of the truth about God, but those who venture to commune with Him understand that the little we do know is of infinitely more value than a subversive vision of darkness, despair and sophistry.

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