Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A simple warning to the Left

I was looking around YouTube tonight, and happened upon Bannon's documentary called "Trump At War." Not sure how I never knew of its existence until last night, the night before the 2018 midterms. You can see the video here:


As I watched it, I grew sick to my stomach. I watched Trump supporters being beaten, windows being smashed in, flags being burned, police being attacked with bottles, rocks and bricks. "No Trump, no wall, no U.S.A. at all." Don Lemon and others, shame on you for your spiteful venom.

Then as I continued to watch, I grew angry. How is it that there were wonderful things accomplished at home and abroad by Trump and his administration that I didn't even know about? What kind of twisted media alliance would withhold that sort of inspiring and hopeful information just to maintain their corrosive narrative?

I completely understand the effect of two persons looking at the same glass of water, and one seeing it half full, the other seeing it half empty. Two people looking at the optical illusion of the young girl/old woman and seeing only one or the other. I get that different world views can produce different philosophies and conclusions based on the same evidence. Those are aspects of being human.

What I can't understand is why so many people can have such intense hatred for a man who has been intentionally improving life in this country for every man, woman and child regardless of skin color. The worst thing that Trump has done as president is say or tweet things on occasion that some people find offensive. He hasn't done a single thing that has harmed anyone or anyone's freedom if they are a law-abiding citizen of the United States. So much for the ridiculous Hitler references, as Hitler was physically harming people long before he took absolute power in Germany.

Do the people acting out against Trump and his supporters truly believe that their actions are justified? If so, this country indeed has serious problems, and if these people don't stop their violent and slanderous activities, I don't think they will garner much sympathy from the public at large when they eventually come face to face with harsh reality.

Back in 2015, before Trump even got to the bottom of the escalator, the media began their relentless efforts to destroy him, and a sickening truth is that a significant amount of people wanted to buy into the mainstream media's smear campaign.

A message for the Leftists who have been behaving so badly:

The conservative and Christian ethics of those you are attacking are why there hasn't been any violent backlash. If you don't like Trump, that's fine. If you want to elect candidates other than Trump, go ahead. But if you don't stop this disgusting, immoral and evil campaign to destroy Trump and instill fear in his supporters, you will eventually reap a whirlwind from those outside of Trump's influence who don't care about civility.

Wake up, shed your ingratitude, and start loving and respecting the country that provides you the freedom to work, live and thrive. If you persist in your hatred and violence, you will meet an unfortunate circumstance. God is watching, and it isn't the conservatives that you hate who are tempting fate, it is you.

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