Friday, November 9, 2018

Finally, a very real inroad for Linux desktop domination

I may have just witnessed the straw that eventually breaks the Windows and OS X monopoly back.

I've long thought that if some big entrepreneur like Ted Turner or Elon Musk were to promote Linux, then the Linux revolution would finally extend to the desktop home user market, in effect insuring eventual OS legacy status for MS and Apple.

Today I opened up the free special section of the Minneapolis StarTribune that they send out as junk mail, and right before I tossed it as usual, something caught my eye.

It was an article about something going on locally that I had never heard of. The article was long, and packed with promise for the future. To make your consumption of the article speedier, I found this video online that references the article and expands on it:

What would happen if this idea catches on in other schools, churches, et al? It would mean that at a grass roots level, which is the best way to side-step MS and Apple marketing propaganda, the population of the United States could eventually be effectively exposed to Linux in a lasting and permanent way.

Who could deny the power of a non-profit that provides free computers to people who can't afford them, and loaded with Linux? It's not a big stretch of the imagination that eventually people who can afford their own computers will do the math once they've been exposed to the Linux OS on other people's machines.

The Asian Penguins have their own YouTube channel and this is the featured video:

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