Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ignoring the Media

I hadn't had cable TV for years before I met my wife, and she didn't either. Then we got married, have been married for almost ten years, and we still don't have cable.

But due to all the political sensationalism in our country, I decided to start watching the news via YouTube. It didn't matter which network I watched, there was always plenty going on to make me angry.

I'm a conservative, so I'd prefer to watch Fox, because I didn't trust CNN. Then I found out that CNN's ratings go way down when they don't report negative things about Trump and his constituency. That highly suggests that CNN feels compelled to run with all these defamatory stories because there's a significant population of people in the USA who want to believe Trump is an evil racist. Sort of the kind of pandering that Jerry Springer does for his viewers.

That realization made me less inclined to fear the Leftist destruction-of-western-civilization directive that may be true in certain small circles, but it's a directive that certainly doesn't reflect the ethos of the average democrat in the USA. Whether democrat, republican, libertarian or independent doesn't matter; only mentally unstable people scream at others in public, destroy property and threaten or harm those who disagree.

So now what? I was getting pissed and indignant all the time, exactly like the people who were vilifying the president. I had no desire to take to the streets and harass others at dinner or at their homes, but then again, neither do most of the liberals out there who just want to live in a country where their president isn't so bellicose.

Because of the way knowledge of these controversies only serves to make my view of the world darker than it actually is, I'm now going to stop watching the news again. That's it. I've had enough. It just isn't worth the emotional aggravation, and if I continue to consume this political dreck, my quality of life, like everyone else's who consumes it, will continue to fall.

Yes, I'm a Trump fan, but there are qualifiers that haters refuse to acknowledge. For example, I like Trump because he is a strong leader who is making the world respect the USA again. He's a strong leader who wants to protect the citizens of this country first and foremost, at our border and within our borders, by rebuilding the military that had been previously de-funded until it languished. He's a shrewd businessman who has managed to bring companies back to our soil, lower unemployment to record levels for people of all skin colors, and revitalize small business and the middle class with tax cuts.

I'd rather he wasn't so disagreeable, but I think casting him as evil is a desperate attempt to take one's attention off the fact that despite his apparently weak public relations skills, he has managed to break down political barriers between North and South Korea, and reduce ISIS controlled geography by ninety-eight percent in the space of four months, as opposed to the "generational struggle" we had allegedly been facing. Those are quite significant accomplishments, even for someone who can be a jerk sometimes.

In either two or six years, he will be gone from office. What will people do with all their anger then? Being angry is sort of like a drug, you can't just go cold turkey when you've been used to raging for years. People of all political stripes need to reconsider what value they think they're getting out of hating others who think differently, and automatically scrutinizing every sentence spoken or written in a judgmental manner.

Just ignore the media, and perhaps they'll start behaving responsibly again.

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