Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Ad Hominem Platform

It's no longer enough to do what's best economically and protectively for the citizens of a country. Now in the new age of thin-skinned fear mongering, one must also whisper sweet little nothings so none of the toddlers who are old enough to vote will make a poo poo in their politically correct diapers.

Rewind to the day before Donald J. Trump announced his bid for president of the United States. What was the public assessment of Trump?

Certainly there were people who didn't like him, for either being a brash billionaire real estate developer, or being a man who married more than once, or even for being the star of a show that featured rude tag lines like "You're fired!"

But in general, people didn't find him reprehensible. He was just another personality that you could take or leave.

After his announcement however, there was a decidedly polarized view of the man, and the divided assessment grew more and more contentious as time passed.

On the one side, you have the Trump supporters, or "deplorables" as Hillary Clinton infamously described them. These are people who believe in stronger military, stronger police departments across the nation, stronger borders and immigration policies, improved economic status in terms of GDP and low unemployment, and stronger foreign policy that doesn't make us look weak to the rest of the world.

In essence, those who support Trump understand that in the real world, the best way to remain safe and peaceful is through a show of strength, because when there are dangerous rulers, dangerous political movements in the global landscape, or just plain dangerous individuals on the street, those entities will not be stopped by polished speaking, pacifist language, hand shakes and gentle therapy.

On the other side, you have those who hate Trump. These are the people who hungrily consume the media's incessant narrative of Trump as evil. They are the ones who think that even though the country is doing better economically, including minorities who are enjoying record employment numbers, that means nothing at all because they believe Trump is a racist.

They are the ones who think Trump is evil for building a protective wall. They think Trump is evil for calling MS-13 gang members animals, due to the heinously violent acts they commit against innocent citizens.

They are the ones who often can't even name what Trump has done to actually hurt America since taking office, but they just know in their hearts that Trump is evil and needs to be impeached, or in some cases, beheaded... all because they think Trump is the Anti-Christ for combative tweets.

They are the ones who shout about Trump's influence on the incivility problem this country is knee-deep in, and at the same time casually utter disgusting expletives to describe him to like-minded cronies.

They are the ones who believe it is better to hate someone based on fear-mongering media coverage than to take a moment and truly consider all the facts. They are the ones who insist there's no such thing as a mob, only protesters who righteously incite and commit aggression in the name of... well, I don't think anyone's really sure what it's in the name of, other than a nebulous desire to deconstruct our country for some bizarre vision of a future Utopia where everything is free and those damn rich people better pay for it.

They are the progressive acolytes of the Ad Hominem platform.

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