Thursday, January 31, 2019

False Equivalence

The Left thrives on false equivalencies. More accurately, they depend on them.

Racism is, oddly enough, one of the biggest hot buttons in 2019 in the United States. What is racism?

The topic is so volatile that no definition can even be agreed upon by all. An individual venturing to define racism these days must be first passed through the skin color filter - an act of racism itself.

Who is qualified to define racism? Apparently not the usual sources, such as the dictionary. To be 'allowed' to comment on racism, you must be of the particular skin color or colors that the listener deems qualified for the subject.

Subcultures come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. Urban subculture, suburban subculture, gay subculture, straight subculture, gaming subculture, sports subculture, left-brain subculture, right-brain subculture, religious subculture, atheist subculture, etc. The list is quite exhaustive upon reflection.

What if a person is ambivalent about a particular subculture? Is this equivalent to hatred of the subculture, or does it simply indicate a disinterest in adding it to one's life experience, such as declining to sky dive or eat caviar?

Racism is only one of many controversial topics that starkly polarize everyone in the room. Why is it that the greatest percentage (by far) of what streams over mainstream media is fraught with these agitating issues?

The Left needs you to get angry about something. Anything. The Left will only relent when they think they've achieved their Utopian dream of socialist hand holding. The timeless strategy of Divide and Conquer is alive and well, and currently being practiced by those who would tear down our country to allegedly rebuild it with another ideology.

Recorded human history speaks volumes about the 100% failure rate of socialist governments. Unfortunately, the 'evolved' thinkers of the 21st century believe they are smarter than their predecessors who paid for their mistakes with the blood of countless others under their authority.

Ambivalence is not equal to racism, it just means you're not interested. And that's perfectly okay in a world where people are still free to pursue their own happiness within whatever subcultures they naturally gravitate toward.

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