Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Considerable Power of Fantasy Land

One of the more popular objections to believing in the existence of God or heaven is the accusation that they are simply fantasies that frightened people cling to because the finality of death is too much for them to handle.

God and heaven as fantasies can be argued, but can't be refuted in a lab, so to speak. It is true, given the parameters associated with the issue, that you can't actually prove that God or heaven exist. On the flip side, you can't prove that God and heaven do not exist, because in general you can't prove a negative. That of course doesn't logically prove the opposite.

True or not, belief in God is a strong motivator that shows no signs of disappearing anytime in our world.

In the same way, the Left's fantasy about human nature is just as powerful and present: things would be better if the whole world would just give in to their true natures and hold hands while singing Kumbaya.

Are these two 'fantasies' analogous? Let's take a look.

In the case of God and heaven, the argument becomes an exercise of speculation without any means of physical experience or scrutiny.

In the case of human nature, there is a minor controversy about how many years of peace the human race has experienced in the last 3,400 years. Some experts say just under 300 years, some say zero years (no years without war somewhere). The point being that human nature is demonstrably incorrigible when it comes to hatred and violence.

So the two fantasies aren't quite equivalent.

In the interest of potential edification, let's look at another angle.

With the God fantasy, in particular with Judao-Christians, what are the positive and negative results, in general?

Positive: charitable contributions that amounted to $114.68 billion dollars in 2014 alone (32% of total reported), programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, outreach programs, lunch programs, recreational programs, missions, missionaries, and a personal call to a life that consists of more altruistic goals than self gratification.

Negative: The Crusades, The Salem witch trials, rare individuals suffering from mental delusions that find momentary infamy via news media.

With the human-is-basically-good fantasy, what are the positive and negative?

Positive: an expectation that humans, when left to their own devices without negative environmental factors, will always do the right thing.

Negative: the frustrating disappointment of human beings making the wrong decisions regarding others on a depressingly predictable basis.

Quoting the staggering death counts from secular wars, even from just the 20th century, is now so familiar it isn't worth repeating here.

What's the point of this essay?

The wall that Trump and his constituents want to finish is a layer of security against the malevolent forces in the world that defy the Left's fantasy of a world group hug.

The historical data supporting some form of non-violent border defense is neither hidden nor disputed. To reject it out of principle is an effective indicator that the Left's Fantasy Land is far more dangerous than any "God Delusion."

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