Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pirates of Silicon Valley

What can I say? I'm not sure how a made-for-TV movie (TNT) became my all-time favorite, but it did.

I recently commented to friends how much I enjoy the scene near the end of the movie where Gates finally yells back at Jobs. For me, it's a satisfying climax to a compelling tech legend well told.

A user on YouTube uploaded the scene for all to enjoy:

Gates tells it like it is

In the comment section of the video, I happened to notice a flame war between two users: M Nichols and keenkennyny. I don't often bother reading YouTube comments anymore, as they are mostly immature, glib darts tossed from those emboldened by anonymity. However, due to the subject matter, I couldn't resist taking a quick look.

I ended up sifting through all 157 comments to read the entire war between the two aforementioned users.

What is it about Apple fanatics that keeps them from admitting the obvious? Certainly when the Apple II, Lisa and Macintosh came out, their software/hardware packages were better than those that Microsoft initially cobbled together with IBM... but those glory days are long passed. This ain't 1984 anymore.

Apple ensured their inability to dominate in the long run due to their own shortsighted proprietary hardware restrictions. I've heard many anecdotes from people I know (including my wife) regarding their Apple hardware that failed long before it should have.

How ironic that the former Apple advertising slogan of "Think different" now better applies to Linux users, and that the people who still cling loyally to Apple seem more like lemmings than Windows users.

To save you the hassle of sifting through the entire collection of comments, I've culled the two users' out, in order from first to last, and posted them here. I have to say, they well exemplify the polarized ethos between Apple disciples and PC users. I censored the requisite profanity these arguments seem to generate; other than that, I've reproduced their posts verbatim. keenkennyny apparently had several posts removed due to content, so some of their responses seem unrelated to the preceding posts.

By the way, keenkennyny constantly misrepresents his quoted sales statistics. For example, he seems obsessed with the idea that Mac desktop computers sell more than any other manufacturer's single model, which is extremely misleading, since PC manufacturers are legion, and are constantly creating new models using the same (current) Windows operating system; in addition to that, keenkennyny completely ignores the Do-It-Yourself system builder, which is no small portion of the overall personal computer market, and not an option at all for the Mac user.

I realize I'm exposing my own personal bias by writing this, but I've always been amused by the Mac users who view PC users as inferior for being 'tinkerers' (knowing more about what goes on under the hood, so to speak). I've never been able to figure out how just getting in and turning the ignition key makes a person a better driver than someone who is more familiar with the working parts of his or her car. Or for that matter, how being forced to rely on a garage to repair (or replace!) your car is better than being able to repair it yourself.

M Nichols:
Macs aren't number 1 at anything. Macs are overpriced. Macs are closed systems that stifle innovation. Macs are for pretentious a**holes. Steve Jobs was a dead beat dad. Steve jobs rips off his friends. Steve jobs is an a**hole to everyone. Steve Jobs knowingly takes credit for other people's work. Steve Jobs has NEVER given any money to any charity despite being one of the richest men in the world. Steve Jobs canceled all of Apples philanthropy programs. F*** Apple and F*** you.

And....what are PCs #1 at?

It seems to me like you're very mad. Why not just...don't buy a macbook. Unless you're a fanboy trying to get a meaningless point across thin air.

M Nichols:
That is just simply not true.

More windows based PC's are sold then any other kind by a huge margin? What in the world makes you believe more OSX PC's are sold then Windows PC's?

Why would you straight out lie about such a thing?

Google iMac best selling desktop.

Funny though, you're calling me a liar and yet you provide no facts in support.

M Nichols:
Windows doesn't make laptops. You are comparing Macs to a specific brand and not comparing windows computers to OSX computers. Why?

Because Macs make up about 5-10% of the total desktop market.

The way you present it, everyone would think every other desktop or even laptop is a Mac. That isn't true.

Mac's have a closed hardware and software system. Only a f***ing idiot or someone who doesn't know better would ever buy Apple products.

Nobody said Windows makes laptops. Macbook do sell more than Windows laptops.

If you don't understand, Macbooks sell better than any Windows laptop...

Most desktops bought, or laptops bought in recent years are made by Apple. Corporations, schools are all switching to Mac...I guess everybody is an idiot then. And I guess since even ultrabooks are copying Apple once again with closed hardware (even the Surface has closed hardware) I guess everyone that has Windows or Mac are f***ing idiots.

M Nichols:
More windows systems are sold then OSX systems. More android phones are sold then Iphones.

Mac's are mediocre products at an awful price point.

Macs are the #1 selling desktop, Macbok Pros outsell Windows notebook, same with Macbook Airs. iPhones sell more than Windows phones, iPad sells more than Surface.

And saying that Android sells more than iPhone is like saying Toyota.





Sell more than Ford.

I think the Mac and the Macboook pro has innovated almost as much as the iPhone...

How many all in one destkops have we seen after the Mac? Dell has one,HP, everyone. Ever been to BestBuy? Same with "well built" premium notebooks. Today they call them ultrabooks. Tightly designed, sleek, oversized trackpad, and chiclet keyboard. Add a battery that actually lasts and that's a stand alone product.

PC manufacturer's can't even nail all of those categories down, especially the battery life.

M Nichols:
Apple innovated with the Ipod and Iphone. Neither the Mac or the macbook pro provided any innovation what-so-ever.

M Nichols:
All-in-one PC's make up about 2% of the desktop market.

It's like you're some sort of special ed case or something.

Ultrabooks make up even less in the laptop business. Since all in ones make up only 2% I guess by your definition every single PC manufacturer sucks except for Apple because Macs are selling really well, but their knock offs aren't.

Seems like you tried to spin it some other way, but I can get why you can't since you're some sort of special ed case. Or just really stupid, either or.

M Nichols:
You think OSX systems outsell Windows systems, so you are obviously not grounded in reality.

Macs make up about 5-10% of desktops. That's not guess work or conjecture. That's a fact you stupid f***, deal with it.

Fact: iMacs are the #1 selling desktops. Since you're a fanboy, I guess the word research is gibberish in your vocabulary.

Also, fact: you obviously don't even know what "outsell" means.

One last fact: you know you're the fanboy, when you're the one that's mad about computers.

M Nichols:
You are confusing #1 selling with the most desktops s***head. There are thousands of manufacturer of PC's.

Mac based PC's are not the most numerous. I'm not a fanboy of anything. You are simply wrong here, Macs make up 5-10% of the market total.

Also Iphones are the most popular phone brand, but Android has hundreds of different manufacturers. Androids outnumber the Iphones 3 to 1.

You are f***ing wrong dips***, deal with it.

I'm not confusing anything, it seems like you're in your own internal battle. Fact: Macs have been the best selling desktop in the past few with it. Seems like you are the fanboy when you're arguing with yourself.

And Android phones outnumber iPhone, so...

What's your point?

M Nichols:
My point is that Macs are for pretentious a**holes. They don't offer the best specs for the best value.

Only an idiot would buy a mac. If you want OSX, just hackintosh a reasonably priced laptop.

Also Steve Jobs was a complete douche.

Everything effect performance. Only a consumer like you would look at the number labeled for a spec and considers a higher number to be good. You just don't understand computers.

The only thing good about PCs is that you can upgrade them easily. This is good for games but it ends there. People don't buy MACs for OSX's the whole package.

M Nichols:
Upgrading only effects games? WTF?

Sure the spec means something. Do you think Apple buys Intel CPU's made in a different factory? You do realize all of these parts are made by the same handful of factories and by the same people right?

Of f***ing course the specs matter. Also upgrading is more then just for games and I promise you I know more about the tech in question then you ever will obviously.

What a dip****.