Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A joke about evolutionary biologists

I backslid recently and started uploading comments to YouTube videos regarding atheism versus theism.

Anyway, there's a YouTube video that features the "Top Ten Creationist Arguments," and it has some typical claptrap that supposedly refutes what the video claims to be common "creationist" objections to atheism. I thought I'd have some fun, so I uploaded this comment, with my idea for an eleventh argument.

#11. The 1966 Wistar Symposium.

Prominent mathematicians:
"Using evolutionary biology's own conjectures regarding observed mutation rates, the amount of currently known complex life on Earth, and time allotted by geological estimations, we have come to the conclusion that the diversity and complexity of life as we know it is statistically impossible via evolution by natural selection."

Prominent evolutionary biologists:
"Get over it. Evolution happened, so your math *has* to be incorrect."

Prominent mathematicians (to each other):
"How many evolutionary biologists does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
"1,000,000. One to pretend to see in the dark, and 999,999 to keep adding new switches to the circuit every time the current starts flowing in an undesirable direction."