Friday, November 20, 2015

The bliss of ignorance

I recently wasted some time on someone who had the usual array of objections to the concept that God exists. When I finally grew tired of the fruitless interaction, I posted the following parody, which was designed to address the aforementioned objections.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we're on location at the 156th annual Genius Summit, and here's a recap of the 12 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom we've been regaled with today:

1) It doesn't matter why life exists, IT JUST DOES!

2) It doesn't matter why sperm meeting egg begins the incredibly complex process of cell division into new life, IT JUST DOES!

3) It doesn't matter why biological cells are programmed to degenerate gradually until death of the organism, THEY JUST ARE!

4) Anyone who questions why just DOESN'T UNDERSTAND the basic concept!

5) If you can't physically prove something, THEN IT ISN'T REAL!

6) Corollary: science can't prove that anyone loves you, as memories of behavior are anecdotal and not testable in a lab, so therefore NO ONE LOVES YOU!

7) The best way to understand something is to *NOT* read the manual!

8) If anyone suggests that you read the manual, DECLARE IT AS USELESS!

9) Moral standards don't come from a Santa in the sky riding on the Flying Spaghetti Monster, THEY COME FROM THE INDIVIDUAL!

10) Corollary 1: If you take something from someone, there's no reason to feel bad, because your desire for the something is JUST AS VALID as the other person's!

11) Corollary 2: because Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway and Adolf Hitler were individuals, their subjective moral standards were JUST AS VALID AS YOURS!

12) There is no god or ultimate authority, so ALL IS PERMISSIBLE!


What was his or her response?

"if you're gonna quote me do it right. because i didn't say non of that. but you are quoting me as if i did."

At that point I permanently withdrew myself from the discussion, to stimulate myself further by conversing with a rock on my terrace.