Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Climate Change, aka "How dare you!"

If Earth is so fragile, why do I have to fight weeds every year, all summer long, and even cancer-causing herbicides can't stop them? This is no joke. I literally cannot stop them from invading my terrace and lawn every single year, no matter what I hit them with, no matter how many I pull up, no matter what I do to block, discourage and destroy them.

As Candace Owens has observed regarding media-induced paranoia about racism, am I the only person who judges reality by what I actually experience?

Weeds have nothing to do with turtles snorting straws, sea temperatures rising or coastal cities submerging? Okay, fair enough.

It seems that Global Warming has been a concern since the early 1980's, when world aggregate average temperatures were breaking 100+ year records. Much has been ado about melting polar ice caps. Over twenty years ago, a well-known movie called "Waterworld" was released (1995), demonstrating what a future with melted polar ice caps would look like: everyone lives in boats because dry land has been submerged.

Even if Waterworld turned out to be wildly overstated, the polar ice cap melting actually has been happening non-stop and at allegedly dangerous levels since the early 80's, so why haven't the coastlines already been encroached by noticeably rising water levels? I mean any at all?

As we approach our third decade since Global Warming was first being presented as a grave danger to the world, why is it the only level we've seen rise is the level of hysteria regarding our impending doom?

Somehow, despite 30 years of no coastal submerging, apparently the remaining 10 to 12 will add enough water to force panic-ridden migration, and destroy Greta Thunberg's future with "mass extinction."

Does anyone else think this may be a bit overstated?

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