Friday, September 20, 2019

Divide and Conquer as predicted by The Unabomber

Anyone interested in facts instead of vindictive emotion can surmise our society is being subjected to a divide and conquer strategy. How else could respected institutions be promoting such ludicrous ideas as toxic masculinity, the world ending in 11.5 years (yes we're going to keep track), systemic racism in a country that majority voted for a black president, and "anti-hate" propaganda in a country that is disproportionately obsessed with pansexuality in movies, television, books, music and art?

How else could otherwise intelligent, rational people of different worldviews argue so vehemently and venomously about things that don't resonate with most of the population? And why are both sides of the political fence so filled with fear and dread?

The astute response to this is: what would be the motivation for the elite wanting the public to fight over nonsense?

The answer is unexpected: as technological progress allows the elite to incrementally replace the human workforce, the slow nature of that development demands that it be allowed to flourish and continue uninterrupted by public concern. We don't have time to watch the people in charge while we're fighting with each other.

Today we're asked to stop eating hamburgers, stop riding in planes and cars, and stop having children. Tomorrow we won't be asked, we will be told.

The elite are now, and will be in the future, in charge of all the automated systems, including AI systems, which will eventually replace our workforce. So when the elite, who control the means by which all labor is performed (by robotic workers, such as the Japanese factories of today) decide that the rest of the population is not worth sustaining anymore, how do you think that will play out?

All this political correctness controversy is just a diversion to keep our eyes off the inevitable. Read Theodore Kaczynski's parable called "Ship of Fools." In a world where humans are considered expendable bio-matter, there's no room for God or the uplifting of the human spirit. I'm not one for making predictions, but I'd say humanity's history is drawing to its close, and not because of plastic straws, cow farts or melting ice.

Also, do yourselves a favor and read paragraphs 171-179 in the essay called "Industrial Society and Its Future" (the paragraph numbers are displayed in the document). The media rebranded it as "The Unabomber Manifesto."

Yes, Theodore Kaczynski was the Unabomber. Yes, he's in prison for murder. However, most people aren't aware that quite a few publicly respected entities (such as Ray Kurzweil, Bill Joy, et al - some references below) agree with the logic of Kaczynski's cogent premise regarding technology in the aforementioned paper. Yes, it was wrong for him to bomb people, but his essay's arguments would be no more or less valid had he never harmed a single human being.


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