Monday, February 3, 2020

Val Demings needs to repent

I understand that the lure of power and benefits of that power have caused many human beings through the ages to lie and deceive in order to attain their goals, however there is a line that should never be crossed in terms of slander and accusation.

Val Demings, Democrat respresentative in Florida and House Impeachment manager, today delivered a non-stop invective masquerading as a bullet point list of Trump's alleged 'crimes.' All so there can be a public record that haters of Trump can re-watch and say, "See! Trump is Hitler and those evil Republicans kept him in office! America sucks! The world is going to end!"

It doesn't matter if she wrote her closing words, or if they were written for her, or if it was a collaboration. The unacceptable level of deception being presented directly to the American people, in the form of groundless speculation sold as indisputable fact, has branded her with permanent disgrace in the eyes of those who know that facts speak louder than her pernicious fabrications.

False witness is not just one of the 'shalt nots' of the Ten Commandments. It's also one of the absolute worst evils a human can commit against another.

Although she will forever be known as a purveyor of lies in regard to the reputation of Donald J. Trump, she may find forgiveness if she immediately bends the knee in private to the Lord and Creator of us all, and begs forgiveness for her despicable actions. If she doesn't do that, she will end up in the Lake of Fire for her campaign to ruin the president, as will the rest of the nefarious interlopers in the Democratic Party who eagerly participated in the needless smearing of Trump's reputation, simply because Trump refuses to pay the political piper.

She knows what she's done, and why she did it. I don't need to belabor the point.

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